iPhone 8 Plus, LCD-Screen, Original POP, white

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iPhone 8 Plus, LCD-Screen, Original POP, white

Original POP (put out from production) Full original. The LCD is taken out from phone and it is the best available screen, the same as Apple uses. Because of the higher prices this is not a screen that will fit all repair stores.  This screen is recommend to the customers that put the focus on the quality instead of price. This is the highest available quality on the market. This screen is brand new, don’t compare it to second hand screens in the market. The difference is that second hand screens have small scratches on the inside, used glue and so on. You will see that its second hand screen, but our screen is brand new. 
 All small parts originally installed  Original frame  Original IC  Original frame  Full original  Untouched by 3rd party  Return-rate less than 0,1% (measured through our RMA system)  Perfect colors  Fits perfectly  Never any problems

Assembled with cold glue.

OBS Vänligen se över vilken tillverkare av skärm på den trasiga ny byter på samt den nya ersättnings skärmen så dessa är av samma tillverkare. Är dem inte det så kan ni enkelt göra dem kompatibla med antingen: Artikelnummer: 7420 eller Artikelnummer: 8107.
IP 7G/7P/8G/8P/X/XS/XSM Screen sensitization converter/programmer - Artikelnummer: 7420
Icopy Plus Vibrator/Light Sensor/True tone display repair - Artikelnummer: 8107