• 5mm (1/4  x 36yd rulle av premie universell adhesiv

5mm (1/4 x 36yd rulle av premie universell adhesiv

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This twofold sided sticky tape comprises of a transparent polyester film and acrylic glue which offers amazing instantaneous bond execution. Its secure dependable bond quality gives prompt convenience directly after gathering. The adhesive system is particularly impervious to plasticizers and offers a protected bond even at hoisted temperatures.


It has a high tack – brisk stick 


With brilliant sheer quality 


Adherence to a mixture of substrates 


Brilliant likeness to sporadic surfaces 


With adhesion to Steel of 88 oz/in. 


Tape thickness of 5.0 mils 


It can holds up to a malleable strength of 15 lbs/in. 


Administration Temperature range from 0°f to 250°f 



Packaging detail:


1 x 6mm (1/4") x 36yd roll of premium universal adhesive




      Estimated weight: 15.00 gm


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