• MOM B1 Electric Screwdriver from S-TOOLS

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S-tools MOM B1 Electric Screwdriver from S-TOOLS

  • Manufacturer: S-tools
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S-Tool, for professional repairs

MOM Electric Screwdriver B1 from S-TOOLS For Samsung & Sony. The screwdriver can also be used for iPhones but then you need to buy the bits separately.

Screwdriver from S-Tools.
Practical and versatile, the MOM electric screwdriver from S-Tools is a quintessential assistant for any repairshop looking to speed up repairs.

The B1 stick's housing is in plastic which separates it from the MOM+ which is in aluminium.

Material: Plastic Stick
Weight: 166g
Bits: 4x28mm
Speed: 100r/min
Rounds: 0.2/3N.m
Time: 8-24hs
Batterys: AAA

Package included:                         
1X Electric Screwdriver
10X Different bits  (iPhone bits not included), see pictures for bits.