iPhone 11 Pro, Oled-Screen, Original New POP

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Brand new original POP screen, read quality description for more information.

Here is what we know so for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 pro max (written 2019-10-21).

1, The warnings only appear on IOS 13.1 version when you change the screen.
2, The warnings appear for 4 days in notification, after 4days it will not appear you can then only can check on setting - about.
3, This warning doesn't influence the other function for the phone it's only the True Tone function that will be missing, everything else will work.
4, At the moment no matter what quality you replace the screens , it will have the warning.

This is what happened for IOS 13.1, you may ask will this happen with future IOS? We can't say anything yet until it will be released, but we can say that this is something that will be discussed in the right to repair movement. Hopefully they will win and this is fixed in the future.