Kvalitets beskrivningar

Short description of our screens:

  • Original POP - Brand new original screen from factory.
  • Original Pulled - Brand new screen taken from phone.
  • Original Parts - Original parts put together by 3th party.
  • AC Factory - Korean LCD instead of Chinese, highest copy quality on the market and our most popular screen in whole Europe. Very close to the original screens. Works to program true tone.
  • AC Factory 2 - New generation of AC factory with new technology, the brightness that is even better then the original.
  • CMMA/OEM - The highest quality and most stable Chinese copy screen available on the market at the moment.
  • INCELL - High copy quality LCD screens. Available for a very cheep price.


Original new pop

Original POP (put out from production) Full original. The screen is brand new directly from factory and it is the best available screen, the same as Apple uses. Because of the higher prices this is not a screen that will fit all repair stores.  This screen is recommend to the customers that put the focus on the quality instead of price. This is the highest available quality on the market. This screen is brand new, don’t compare it to second hand screens in the market. The difference is that second hand screens have small scratches on the inside, used glue and so on. You will see that its second hand screen, but our screen is brand new.
 All small parts originally installed  Original frame  Original IC  Original frame  Full original  Untouched by 3rd party  Return-rate less than 0,1% (measured through our RMA system)  Perfect colors  Fits perfectly  Never any problems


Original Pulled



Original Pulled (pulled from phone) Full original. The screen is of highest original quality in the market just beneath our new POP screens. These screens have been assemble to apple phones but you can barely see this if you don't use a magnifying glass.
Other company's are selling these screens as original new but those are dissassembled from other phones thats why the cheeper price then POP screens. The difference is that there may be very minor scratches and glue remnants on the screen.
These screens are recommended for our customers that want a quality between our Original Parts and Original New Pop.
 All small parts originally installed  Original frame  Original IC  Original frame  Full original  Untouched by 3rd party  Return-rate less than 0,1% (measured through our RMA system)  Perfect colors  Fits perfectly  Never any problems



Original parts

The most popular original screen on the market that is often referred to original by many suppliers.  Our screens are made with full original parts and never touched by aftermarket. Original LCD, Flex cables, backlight and frame. Glass is from the highest copy like original.  The screens will look like original new, they will have the same fit, colors for the screens so your customers will not see any difference. This is the highest 3rd party screen on the market, a common mistake is that customers compare the price to the similar quality with aftermarket flex cables and copy backlight.
 Full original parts  Assembled by 3rd party  Sold as original new on the market  Return-rate less than 0,5% (measured through RMA-system)  Perfect colors  Fits perfectly

AC Factory 2


ACF2 has a fantastic brightness that outshine the competitors on the market. Same colors as original screens, smaller IC for easier and faster installation. True color as original NANO Coated, anti fingerprint oil Color temperature 6500, brightness 600-650. 1 Year warranty In a short future we will release a video that explains and shows the difference between AC Factory 2 and other qualities.


AC Factory & AC Premium


AC screens are our own hand-selected and QC controlled LCDs. They are stable and available at very low prices.  The screens are not produced by Apple, but it is very difficult to see any difference.  We take a special check on these screens so they'll match your requirements. The LCD is from Korea and we use Japanese cold glue. Premium got better installed bezel and backlight, glass is a little thinner. AC Factory is the most popular one on the market. Here are some of our quality control points:
 The frames  No ghost touch  No false buttonholes  No dirt  Speaker mesh and grilles included  RMA-rate: 1,5%  Strong glue  Value for money



Chinese made screens, they are flawless, the frame is what Chinese call AAA and it is a bit thicker than original but as strong as original. This screen is perfect for service points that has high competition and need to meet low prices. We have installed small parts in the top of screen and we used cold glue to install frame. 



Chinese made screens, slightly under our CMMA quality. LCD+high color gamut, INCELL structure and stable quality (our iPhone XR and iPhone 11 is pre-installed with back plate)